Rules Without Reason = Rebellion


So when is the last time you have had to sit down and actually do some math!!?!

No matter how long it has been…

This is one equation that is pretty simple to figure out.


“Your bedtime is at 9pm…GO TO BED!!”    rules without reason  =  rebellion

“Your not old enough to date!”    rules without reason  = rebellion

“Were not watching Cars again today!”     rules without reason = rebellion

“You are not missing youth group tonight!”     rules without reason = rebellion

“You can’t hang around with that group of kids anymore!”  rules without reason = rebellion

“Because I’m your dad…and I said so!”  rules without reason = rebellion

I think you get the idea.

Last week I sat down with my 13 year old son and he asked me to explain “in detail” why he is not allowed to date at 13.  He also asked me to explain “in detail” what my expectations were for him “with the ladies” in 8th, 9th, etc…

It was a great convo!!

We both sat down, talked through some potentially “hot & heated” topics and we totally respect, honored and GOT each other.

Here is the deal parents…

The days of “do it because I said so” are over.

You need to sit down with your kids and explain, reason and over communicate!!

What is 1 thing you need to EXPLAIN to your kids today?

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